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Research, Policy & Advocacy

  • Many policies and programs that directly or indirectly affect the Somali community are formed without a better understanding of the Somali community. Legislations and/or policies in the areas of education, immigration, justice, civil liberties, socio-economic development, health-care, and foreign policy are developed without Somali community input.
  • ECSAR – Somali Advocacy Agency will strive to be the voice that advocates and influences policies that affect or could potentially affect Somali community.
  • ECSAR will research, undertake policy analysis and provide position papers one policies, legislations and issues that affect the Edmonton Somali community. ECSAR will develop policy briefings and hold regular forums with policy makers, think tanks, academic institutions and media outlets to address issues affecting the community and to amplify the positive Somali narrative and most importantly improve the overall well-being of Somali Canadians.